Welcome to Golf’s Social Network.

New Era. New Rules. FUN.

Isn’t golf the “sport your grandpa plays”?

Khaki pants, collared shirts and knee length skirts are the norm right? 

I’m sure you’ve heard it’s invite only to your favourite club?  

You do realize that ladies have to play with the ladies and  boys play with the boys.

There’s nothing like long-walks on the golf course on a Friday night with a group of strangers that say nothing to you the entire round.

Beginners and intermediates must review the laundry-list of rules before stepping out onto a pristine golf course.  You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself would you?  

Remember, you must keep score.

There is absolutely no laughing or fun to be had.  

Oh, and one last thing ….  QUIET ON THE FIRST TEE! SHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!



The Lifestyle League empowers a community to connect and play with other like-skilled social golfers and business professionals each week. 

We’ve made it not only necessary, but accepted for our guys to play with our girls, shaking up the “guys only” and “girls only” non-inclusive social clubs. 

We prioritise kindness, respect, FUN and a safe community for all golfers, golf courses, and golf industry leaders to help build new relationships and experiences together.

To us, golf is now a quick two-step up to the first tee with our favourite song, some bombed drives off the tee (or not), perfectly shaped approach shots (or not), “fist-pump” worthy putts (or not) and a lot of laughs with a group of people that once were strangers and are now your newest friends.  


The Only “Rules”

The only “rules” the Lifestyle League asks of you is to obey the 3 Commandments.  

1. Let the Good Times Roll.

2. Respect your people. VIBE WITH YOUR PEOPLE.

3. All skill levels are welcome, but FIX YOUR DIVOTS.


We are STOKED to have you join us!

See you on the first tee and….. 

Welcome to the Lifestyle League!




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